Life altering views on LinkedIn

Due to extreme joblessness, I have been trying to spruce up my profile on LinkedIn (though I haven’t yet been able to talk myself into writing a ‘summary’ of me). Naturally, I tried looking at the profile in the ‘view profile’ window. Who doesn’t like to admire his own work? A screenshot here.

Now, don’t strain your eyes trying to read the recommendations – you can read them on LinkedIn and anyway they are so awesome it’s not likely to be good for your self-esteem. Look to the right – ‘viewers of this profile also viewed…’ part. Six of the ten profiles featured belong to ex-colleagues. Three more belong to classmates from B-school. Presumably, I have something in common with these people and that’s why these names have come up. Totally totally understand.

What about the tenth name, which is actually second on the list? Why would anyone visit my profile and then visit Barack Obama’s? Or is it likely that LinkedIn detected some similarities between my profile and Barack’s? (now that our two names appear together in LinkedIn, I guess we can be on first name basis). Oh my god! Am I throwing my life away here?

Someone please let me know. I need to get cracking to get the professorship first, if there is anything to it.


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