What the…&@#$?!

I am not generally given to ranting in public about nonsense on TV shows and in newspapers. I prefer to avoid them, which is why I don’t have a TV at home and these days, don’t read the newspaper half the time.

So, when I read this post on ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’, I initially thought it was an elaborate joke by RTDM. I realize it sounds like naiveté but, as I said, it’s simply that I have been sheltered too long in a TV-less home and have no exposure to the murky  depths that popular entertainment has been exploring.

I had to google and watch a ‘teaser‘ (highly disgusting content warning) with my own eyes…un-effing-believable, I say. And I will stop now for the fear that I will end up stretching my vocabulary and testing your patience very sorely if I let loose.


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