Foto Phun: Contemporary Cave Paintings


My defense – my kid made me draw a picture for each of the animals mentioned in the ABC at the Zoo rhyme. Anyway, see how many you can identify.


2 thoughts on “Foto Phun: Contemporary Cave Paintings

  1. prabhat n me found/identified/investigated/doubted as …
    a – apple (wat s it doing in the ZOO!!!)
    a – allegator, b-beaver,c-camel(might b some”rex” of dino’s family),d-duck,e-elephant,f-fox,g-giraffe,h-hippo(or ……),? ? k-kangaroo,l-lion(tooth ache r new barber),m-mangoose(or…..?),? o-ostrich,p- (some sea bird),? r-rabbit(in the middle of evolution to humans),s-squarrel(with cock tail),t-tiger,u-(a 3 legged animal),? ? ? y-(kinda fish),z-zebra

    oh… we tried our imagine best.

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