A bewitching sea beckons

Red, white, maroon, gold

Sweet, sour, pungent and bitter


A short plunge and a large gulp

Seeking, searching

Diving in, coming up

A breath of air, a sip of water

Heading back, hitting the bottom


Lost and spent, I float up with the dawn

A couple of rough gems

One or two rounded pearls

Slithering stones and stinking mud


And a million glittering pieces

Of fact, fiction and fantasy

Sticking to my skin, drying in the sun

Some I brush away

Like sand from the beach

Some are etched deeper

Shining tattoos to talk about

For a couple of weeks


Then there are those…

Larger and sharper

Digging deep, in to skin and psyche

Bleeding and healing

As I head down again


Seeking, searching, probing…


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