Are you happy?

Are you happy?

I don’t know…

Okay, let’s get down to the details. Are you happy with your work life? The money you make and so on?

Yeah…I may not be the best out there but I am not the worst. I know I can do better but…Yeah, alright.

Are you happy with your family life?

Yes. I get along well with my wife; my son does well in school and is well adjusted. My parents or in-laws are generally the non-interfering kind. Yeah, I am happy. We have just come back from a vacation, you know!

Are you happy with your social life?

Yes. I have a good bunch of friends, even outside facebook. I get company for drinking every weekend.

Are you happy with yourself? How do people see you, how well you are doing overall and other such stuff…

Hmmm…I guess so. I am not a bad person or at least, no one told me so yet. I do reasonably well with family, friends, work and strangers.

Are you happy with how you have done till now?

I should be. I have done fairly decently considering where we started. I have done much better than my peer group.

Are you happy with your future prospects? How does it look?

Not bad…at least as far as I see…

Are you happy with the places you live in, work in or travel to?

Yeah, yeah. I am generally okay with such things.

So, are you happy?

Hmmm…it’s so difficult, man…I don’t know. May be I should be.


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