IIMBaba: Time is NOT Money

On a calm Sunday morning, Baba said, to no one in particular:

Don’t believe in the adage “Time is Money”. This belief seems to imply that you need to then convert your time into money.
Actually, (and here I speak with the benefit of an immense amount of hind sight), Time is much much more valuable than Money.
The time you did not spend living your life cannot be brought back. It certainly cannot be bought back with any amount of money you could possibly make.
Use your time living life the way you want. Start now, if you haven’t already.
– As recorded by His humble servant, namely, myself venu GVGK, on the 24th day of the month of July, 2016 of the common era.

2 thoughts on “IIMBaba: Time is NOT Money

  1. Can you write something on the future of jobs and social life of humans in the light of advances in artificial intelligence.

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