Last chance to save your Orkut pictures – September 2016

Or How I ignored all warnings, then needed some pictures last night and grabbed them just in time! And may be you should do the same, now!


I used Orkut last in 2012 and Google shut it down sometime in 2014. During this period, I was reminded a few times to save my data – pictures, testimonials and scraps (how weird this word sounds now!!). I ignored all of them.

Last night, I was trying to put together a face book album for my son’s 10th birthday, with a picture from each of the 9 previous birthdays. Suddenly, we found we were missing birthday pictures from 2009. After a bit of all round panic and searching through a couple of drives, missus remembered that there was an album on Orkut.

But Orkut shutdown in 2014! They reminded us to download data and we ignored!! An immediate Google search then revealed that there is still a way to get the pictures. You go to Google Takeout, log in, make a couple of choices and, your data is downloaded. You can save it to the drive as well.

And that is when I noticed the deadline was September 2016, and had I not run into this difficulty this week, I would have lost a few important pictures. Hence this post!

Now that I have the data, I went through it and discovered that about 70% the friends I had on Orkut are still my friends on Facebook. I am thinking of getting in touch with some of the remaining 30%…should be fun!

I am looking forward to it and if you are in that 30%, you have been warned 🙂


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