On turning 38…

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!

I turn 38 today. I guess it is bad form to declare the age so openly, especially when it is likely to shock people as to how much older I look…
….but ladies and gentlemen, there is good reason.

I want to thank all of you, my friends who have stayed with me, with us, through all these years. I offer my thanks truly, fully, from a grateful heart. The longest friendship has been from before I turned 10. Others are forming still, as I continue to visit great places and meet wonderful people. I thank you all because I really wonder how I manage to keep so many wonderful, kind and brilliant people around me, for so long, despite myself. This is one of the thoughts that comes back unbidden time and again , late at nights and early in the mornings, when sleep is the unlikeliest.

I can’t name all of you but you know there is one name I will. Chitra and I met when we were both 19, 19 years ago to this month – now you see another reason why I am doing it now, instead of waiting for the customary 40. She has suffered the worst of me and brought out of the best of me, through the last 19 years of the roller coaster ride our life has been.

There may still be a few of you who are asking why I am doing this at all, and doing it so publicly. As we all know, I too will die one day, none too soon, and I am sure I would wish I had done this, if I don’t do it now.
Thanks again, friends!! Have a nice day!


38 birthday


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