What is all this about?

In the very limited time period this blog has been up, it has already been noticed that the “about” page is the top ranked page by number of visits. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been anything on this page till today. This historic mistake shall be corrected on this historic day.

Simply put, this blog shall be the author’s imagination run riot. While we are there, please note that the eponymous title of this blog is definitely not indicative of hubris on the author’s part – it’s more like cluelessness. There was also the small problem of finding a title that would actually say “my imagination run riot” and be brief and original about it. Tough one, that.

Having said that, the run of author’s imagination here is definitely limited by his interests and exposure (you will note that this limitation has kicked in quite recently, immediately after the author left his job as a management consultant). Therefore, you can expect a fair number of posts about books. The other important category shall be the utterances of IIMBaba (registered trademark) on important issues related to management professionals, consulting, work place and other such things. You will note that Baba’s opinions are his own and the author does not take any responsibility for them.

Sundry experiences of the author in his capacity as a jobless family man, sarcastic/satirical opinion pieces on current events, general observations of a philosophical nature and entertaining (hopefully!) but meaningless space fillers will also be posted here. There, you have been warned.

Finally, once in a while, something useful might also be written here. You know, ‘the-stopped-clock-also-showing-correct-time-twice-a-day’ kind of happenstance.

Keep reading.


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